About Bio-Revelation

newcoverhires BIO-REVELATION is a science-fiction romance/adventure story inspired by the question, “What if human cloning was legal?” What would be the repercussions? How would society react? How would the clones react? etc, etc. Thus story about Clone Equality was born back in Mid 2001.

It’s set in a not-too distant future similar to our own where cloning was made legal during their “Last Great Recession” as a quick fix to stimulate their economy. …And as all quick fixes go, there are problems. Clones in this era are treated as second-class citizens and segregated from human beings. They are seen as disposable and inhuman. The clones in the meantime, have grown tired of the treatment and begin to demand rights equal to their naturally-born counterparts.

The story take this setting and focuses on a circle of friends who are at the heart of the Clone Rights Movement. When Trevor, a clone and figurehead of the movement, is accused of kidnapping, everything they have fought for begins to fall apart, not only effecting his life, but also the lives of his friends.



About EASY

Easy is author and artist for Bio-Revelation.

They write a monthly blog article for the International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club called “Webcomic Underground” featuring comics from around the internet community.

She is specialized in Character Design animation, illustration, comics, and front-end UI for gaming. Is often available for freelance work or on-site.

Contact here: easycomics@gmail.com