Character Profiles are presented in order of appearance.



profiles_eunice         EUNICE MARCELL
AGE: 18
Birthdate: September 12 (Virgo)
Spoiled and living in relative comfort is all that Eunice has ever known. She is the daughter of a well-respected Chief of Medicine and  surgeon, Doctor Henry Marcell, a significant supporter of the Friends of  Humanity. Often she is pressured to play the role of a meek, demure woman, but is intelligent and fiery when it comes to her personal goals.

Trivia: Loves unicorns & takes AP courses in school.


profiles_jeremiah         JEREMIAH SMITH
AGE: 20
Birthdate: April 1 (Aires)
Quieter and gentler than his older brother, Jeremiah has no interest in his family’s plans for him. First, they pressure him into working with them in the Friends of Humanity, and for the past few years, they have set him up with Eunice to be his “girlfriend” due to his lack of interest in girls. He has other plans.

Trivia: Wants to be a kindergarten teacher.


profiles_trevor         Trevor Watson
AGE: 21
Birthdate: March 17 (Pisces)
Trevor by nature is a gregarious romantic with lofty ideals of humans and clones like himself living together in harmony. To reach that goal, he ultimately finds himself having to put his own life in danger to bring attention to what he believes is right. Beyond the brazen daredevil behavior, he is sensitive to the happiness of others around him.

Trivia: Does not like sweets, & has interest in business management.


         David Watson
AGE: 21
Birthdate: March 17 (Pisces)
Introverted, logical and social networker, David is the younger of the Watson Clones. In contrast to his brother, Trevor, he wants to achieve their mutual goals by means of the public opinion and going by the system’s rules …most of the time. When push comes to shove, he takes matters into his own hands.

Trivia: Is an avid reader & favorite author is Booker Phillip, a novelist of a popular true-crime series, and adept at computers.


        Dimitri Smith
AGE: 29
Birthdate: January 1
Dimitri is cold and methodical, and has no interests beyond his own benefit. He is Jeremiah’s older brother who is being groomed to be the next Chief of the FOH after their father, who is the leader of the organization.

Trivia: He is highly ambitious.





        Lance Roberts
AGE: 23
Birthdate: August 25
Mischievous, party animal, and full-time smart-alec Lance has it made for the most part. His father is a highly influential Senator for the state and lives mainly in the capitol with his mother, leaving him home alone. Currently he goes to college pursuing a law degree so he can be a politician like his father. His biggest personal conflict is since he was born with albinism, people immediately assume that he is a clone. Due to being a public figure, his father has repeatedly had to squash rumors of Lance’s identity.

Trivia: He is often plagued by traumatic hallucinations..

        Anna Kitto
AGE: 21
Birthdate: November 15
Anna is the mother hen surrounded by three rowdy guys she is tasked to keep in line: her childhood friends, David and Trevor, and her boyfriend, Lance. She grew up orphaned and was raised in a convent, set on the path of becoming a nun in the church once she became old enough. Over time and after she met David and Trevor, she began to question the ways of the church and their stand on human clones. She is not afraid to speak up for what she believes is right, and like Trevor, has a big heart that gets her into trouble.

Trivia: Is studying to become a lawyer.

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