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May 17, 2016

Hiatus again…

Ugh, yeah. I ran out of buffer due to life things that have taken priority here. I’m still around! I just have a few more things I need to take care of first and foremost before I resume. I hope not to be too terribly delayed.

January 7, 2016


Hey there, readers.

I hope everyone is doing well and had a great holiday season.

I’m really sorry, but there’s been a lot of personal life happenings that have occurred as of late that took me off of art production the past few months.

I’m not dropping the comic at all if that’s a concern. Page production has only recently started back up again, and things are currently in production again for buffer. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the awesome guest art and comics provided from some of the fantastic webcomic community people. -Credit and links when possible will be in the comments section.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

August 20, 2015

Streams & Support

Hey there, everyone!

I just want to say thank you for coming and reading Bio-Revelation. You coming by and reading means a lot! It really means a lot. I’m really sorry if it seems like this is a spammy kinda page, but I really just wanted to get out the info. The updates for this week are just quick break ones since chapter 2 is done and chapter three will start up on Tuesday.

I’m usually pretty chatty but things like this, I’m more to the point about.

If you are interested, I am making an effort to do streams at:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.21.20 PM

Streaming: Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:30p/13:30 -? eastern (Think: US, NYC timezone)  Please check twitter and tumblr for confirmation, because life will creep up.

Stream Status:


Also, I have a Patreon if that’s your bag as  well

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.27.24 PM

July 15, 2015

OTAKON! Artist Alley table F-05


Going to OTAKON? I am too. I will be selling Bio-Revelation prints and other goodies (read: fanart and commissions) so be sure to say hi!



In other news, July has been a mega busy month to the point I even got sick. Working on that and getting ready for the con. This one happens to be a personal favorite of mine in the area, so it’s near and dear to me. -So if you stop by and say hi or let me know you read Bio-Rev, you’ll get a surprise.

Also I MIGHT have some things to sell (read: stickers and pins) of eyugho’s MAGICAL HOW? and Heroic-Villain, with her permission, of course. No ETA on that, but there’s a distinct possibility. -Emphasis on the possibility due to time constraints.

So for now, I’m off to battle this illness and keep on with the pages, so thank you every single one of you readers who are new and familiar! You totally mean a lot.